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Note: Shalom Tenants Alliance meetings are open only to members of the Shalom Tenants Alliance, including tenants and invited guests.  Any individual working for the Shaloms, their companies, or affiliates is NOT welcome.

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The Shalom Tenants Alliance is a coalition of residents of New York City apartment buildings owned and/or managed by the (Oheb)Shalom family, including Fred Shalom (Empire Management), Nader Ohebshalom (Gatsby Enterprises), David Ohebshalom (Big Apple Management, Perceptive Management), and Daniel Shalom (Keystone Properties, based in California), and others. Operating under various corporate names, the Shaloms buy rent-stabilized buildings and then systematically dismantle required building services, forcing out legal residents through harassment, intimidation, negligence and deception.

We support each other to preserve our rights, our quality of life, our health, our personal safety, and our communities in the face of the Shaloms' relentless anti-tenant practices. Through this website and our allied tenant associations, we share information, provide moral and organizational support, document specific incidents of harassment and illegal activities, and warn of strategies and tactics used by the Shaloms to deprive us of our homes.

Buyout Calculator!
Has your landlord offered you a buyout? What do you need to maintain your current standard of living? Find out how far that buyout money will get you!
Harassment Cases!
In March, Shalom tenants filed harassment cases as a group. Learn about this action and join us!
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So the Shaloms have taken over your building. Now what?

Shalom 101 - an introductory guide.

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