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Articles About Shalom Tenants

PDF Document Shalom Tenants Alliance Celebrates 4th Anniversary -- 8/17/2007 - 8/23/2007
  This full-length feature article provides a detailed overview of the history and achievements of the Shalom Tenants Alliance. We are so proud!
Source:Chelsea Now
  Los Angeles Shalom Tenants Get Justice!
  Shalom tenants in Los Angeles, CA, are confronted by the same tactics the Shaloms use against tenants in New York. The Los Angeles City Attorney has successfully sued Shalom landlord "Darren Stern," aka Henry (Oheb)Shalom, and his companies, including Landmark Equity Management, in California's Supreme Court. "According to a suit filed in June by Delgadillo’s Safe Neighborhoods Division, the company had engaged in the practice of purchasing rent-controlled buildings with high occupancy rates and then embarking on a pattern of harassment, intimidation and misinformation to unlawfully empty as many units as possible without paying proper relocation fees to tenants. The vacant units were then renovated and reconfigured before being re-let at market rates. This activity allowed the properties to be sold at an inflated price." Landmark Equity Management has has direct ties to California-based NYC landlord Daniel (Oheb)Shalom and Keystone Management.
PDF Document

Slumlord to serve jail time - 5/3/2007

  Darren Stern (aka Henry Shalom), accused of coercing renters to move, pleads no contest to dozens of violations.
Source: Los Angeles Times <http://www.latimes.com>
PDF Document The People of the State of California vs. Landmark Equity Management - May 2007
PDF Document The People of the State of California vs. Landmark Equity Management - June 2006
  Los Angeles City Attorney's case against "Darren Stern" (aka Henry Shalom).
Source: LA City Attorney's Office <http://www.lacity.org/atty/>
PDF Document Landlord ordered to halt illegal rent hikes - 12/9/2006
  A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ordered "Darren Stern" (aka Henry Shalom) to stop imposing unlawful rent increases on hundreds of tenants and barred the landlord from buying any more buildings in Los Angeles pending the outcome of a lawsuit.
Source: Los Angeles Times <http://www.latimes.com>
PDF Document L.A. Court Clamps Down on N.Y.C. Slumlord Family -- Dec. 2006

Met Council's tenant paper makes the connection between the California and New York Shaloms (see LA articles directly below for context).
Source: Tenant/Inquilino <http://www.metcouncil.net/publications.htm>

PDF Document Landlords Bullied L.A. Tenants Out to Gentrify Apartments, Suit Says -- 6/15/2006
  Describes the conditions and tactics Los Angles Shalom tenants endure.
Source: Los Angeles Times <http://www.latimes.com>
PDF Document City Attorney Sues Predatory Apartment Owner; Dozens of Allegations of Fraud, Harassment -- 6/14/2006
  Suit Alleges Landmark Equity Management Illegally Drove Out Poor Tenants; Delgadillo Joined by Legal Aid Foundation, L.A. Community Action Network in Announcing Unfair Business Practices Suit.
Source: LA City Attorney's Office <http://www.lacity.org/atty/>
PDF Document Tenants Allege Intimidation-- 10/3/2006
  Shalom tenants at 515 W 110th Street, and their neighbors at 509 W 110th Street, continue to struggle under the dominion of Fred Shalom.
Source: Columbia Spectator Online <columbiaspectator.com>
PDF Document Man of the "Cathouse" -- 2/13/2005
  In this article about brothels in NYC apartment buildings, we find that some of the buildings are Shalom-owned. Coincidence?
Source:New York Post <nypost.com>
PDF Document The Coalition Revolution: Multi-Building Tenant Alliances -- Winter 2005
  Explains why tenants have begun forming multi-building tenant alliances -- including the Shalom Tenants Alliance, Croman Coalition, and Granite Tenants Coalition -- and how these groups are working together as citywide anti-slumlord alliances.
Source: Cooper Square News <coopersquare.org>
PDF Document 110th St. Residents Disgruntled -- 4/27/2004

Profiles the efforts of west side tenants, working with Local 32BJ, various elected officials, and Shalom Slumlords NYC, to hold Fred Shalom and his companies accountable for "possible unscrupulous landlord practices."
Source: Columbia Spectator Online <columbiaspectator.com>


PDF Document

Residents: Landlord Shoves Out Tenants, Union Workers -- 3/1/2004
  Describes Fred Shalom's practice of threatening evictions, firing union workers, and neglecting building services in three buildings in the Morningside Heights area.
Source: Columbia Spectator Online <columbiaspectator.com>
PDF Document Ganging Up on a Grinch: Tenants and Workers Unite -- 12/22/2003
  Tenants of 664 W 163rd, 509 and 515 W 110th Street, and 244 W 72nd Street join foces with Local 32BJ and Assemblymembers Scott Stringer and Danny O'Donnell to battle Fred Shalom's neglect of building services, harassment of tenants, and cutting of salaries and benefits of building services employees.
Source: City Limits Weekly <citylimits.org>
PDF Document "They're Making Our Lives Impossible" (English translation) -- 7/2/2003
PDF Document "Nos Hacen la Vida Imposible" (Spanish original) -- 7/2/2003
  In addition to detailing the plight of Shalom tenants, this article provides some background on Shalom Brothers Rugs and describes a protest staged in front of Macy's, Bloomingdales, ABC Carpets, and other locations on Long Island and New Jersey where the Shalom carpets are sold.
Source: Hola Hoy
PDF Document Harlem Tenants and Supers Fear Acquisition -- 5/19/2003
  Details the plight of tenants and building services workers in Fred Shalom's Harlem buildings and the joint efforts of these tenants, Local 32BJ, Assemblymember Danny O'Donnell, State Senantor Eric Schneiderman, and City Councilmembers Philip Reed and Bill Perkins to address the problems.
Source: City Limits Weekly <citylimits.org>
PDF Document Public Advocate Joins Tenants, Building Workers to Protest Service Reductions and Job Cuts -- 3/27/2003
  Press release announcing Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum has joined Shalom tenants and building service workers representing Local 32BJ to demand that Fred Shalom / Acquisition America / Empire Management restore tenant services and the jobs, pay, and benefits of building workers.
Source: Public Advocate for the City of New York <pubadvocate.nyc.gov>
PDF Document Hell's Kitchen Is Burning -- 9/2/1998
  Discusses increasingly bad conditions in Hell's Kitchen / Clinton buildings, including 364 W 51st Street, owned by James Kinsey and managed by Big Apple Management.
Source: Village Voice <villagevoice.com> via Hell's Kitchen Online <hellskitchen.net> and Tenant Net <tenant.net>

Articles About Shalom Purchases of Individual Buildings

  Acquisition America Buildings:
PDF Document Partners and Associates Working on NY Real Estate Deals -- 4/9/2003
  Discusses the sale of 12 residential buildings in Manhattan, the Bronx and Westchester County for $109 million..
Source: New York Lawyer <newyorklawer.com>

PDF Document

170-178 Thompson Street -- 4/2/2003

Discusses the sale of a "five building package" for $20.5 million.
Source: "Lawyers Working on NY Real Estate Deals," New York Lawyer <newyorklawer.com>

PDF Document Hildona Court Apartments (341-345 W 45th Street) -- 2/10/03
  Reports the sale of the Hildona Court apartments for $16.5 million.
Source: Besen & Associates Commercial Real Estate <besenassociates.com>
PDF Document The Captain Rose House: 273 Water Street -- 11/28/1998 & 1/3/1993
  Two articles about the historic Captain Rose House: its purchase by Edmond Ohebshalom and Eli Sakhai for $325,000 in 1998 and contract disputes over its restoration in 1993.
Source: New York Times <nytimes.com>

Articles About the Shaloms and Related Background

PDF Document Two Distinct Groups of Persian Jews-- 11/28/1998
  Feature article about Persian Jews in Great Neck in which Fred Ohebshalom is interviewed.
Source: New York Times <nytimes.com>
PDF Document Making Slow Progress Fostering Understading-- 12/5/1999
  Feature article about the Persian community of Great Neck in which a "Mr. Ohebshalom" is quoted.
Source: New York Times <nytimes.com>
PDF Document Enduring "Tribunals" Over Building Houses-- 12/5/1999
  Another feature article about the Persian community of Great Neck, this time focusing on clashes over the Persians' construction decisions.
Source: New York Times <nytimes.com>
PDF Document Fred Ohebshalom Joins Iranian_Democrats -- 4/15/2001
  Press release announcing Fred Shalom's membership on the board of directors.
Source: Iranian Democrats <iraniandemocrats.com>
PDF Document For Rental Buildings, A Rising Market -- 10/5/2003
  This feature article from the New York Times Real Estate section provides an in-depth look at the motives real estate speculators have for investing in rent-stabilized buildings. Fred Ohebshalom is quoted.
Source: New York Times <nytimes.com>, reprinted in a blog, "World of Mr. Steen"
PDF Document The Rug Merchant of Persia -- 4/29/2005
  A blog/rant about Fred Ohebshalom, arguing tenants are the bad guys; written in response to "Renting Anger," the April 2005 New York Post article.
Source: Lettuce Have Pease </iceberg18.blogspot.com>

Other Relevant Articles

Other City-wide Tenant Alliances: The Croman Coalition and Granite Group

PDF Document East Side Standoff: Tenants Fight New Owner's Eviction Plan -- 3/20/2005
  Tenants living at 12 E 72nd Street are fighting eviction because the owner, Steven Croman, has decided the building "would make the perfect home for his extended family." The Croman Coalition is ready for battle.
Source: New York Daily News <nydailynews.com>
PDF Document Eviction Battle in East Village -- 3/2/2005
  Granite Tenants are fighting hard to stop Catherine Economakis and her husband Alistair from booting residents of 47 E. 3rd St. are fighting to keep residents in the rent-stabilized apartments where many have lived for more than 25 years.
Source: New York Daily News <nydailynews.com>

Getting Lenders to Go After Landlords: The Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition:

PDF Document Organizing Against Overfinancing: the Northwest Bronx Coalition Campaign Against Freddie Mac -- Dec. 2002
  This 21-page paper details the extremely effective efforts of the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition in identifying overfinancing by Freddie Mac as a serious problem in the Bronx, organizing the community to take on the financial institution, executing a campaign that led Freddie Mac to honor its mortgages' "good-repair clauses" and ensure necessary repairs and maintenance were done, ensuring the proper disposition of the buildings in cases of foreclosure, following up with a General Accounting Office audit of Freddie Mac and meeting with Freddie Mac stockholders.
Source: originally published in the the Bronx County Historical Society Journal, Fall 2002.
PDF Document Lenders and Landlords: A Guide to Tenant Organizing in Financially Distressed Housing -- Sep. 1996
  Review of the 60-page "how-to" manual published by the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition.
Source: Tenant.net <tenant.net>
PDF Document

Lenders Lean on Landlords -- 6/28 - 7/4/2000

  The NWBCCC helped Bronx tenants of Barry Singer to get repairs done by pressuring North Fork Bank to honor its mortgages' "good-repair clauses."
Source: Village Voice <villagevoice.com>
PDF Document Change in the Bank -- Sep./Oct. 2000
  When NWBCCC's research revealed that North Fork Bank held the mortgages for nearly 4 in 10 apartment buildings in the Bronx, it was able to pressure North Fork Bank to honor its mortgages' "good-repair clauses," requiring landlords to keep buildings in good condition, to get necessary repairs and maintenance done in Bronx buildings.
Source: City Limits Weekly <citylimits.org>
PDF Document Activists Back In -- 3/14/2005
  After a 15-month lockout, housing advocates NWBCCC were allowed to resume helping Bronx tenants of the Westchester-based Palazzolo Group.
Source: City Limits Weekly <citylimits.org>

Other Slumlords

PDF Document Massey Knakal's 1st Market Makers Breakfast Symposium -- Q3 2005
  See page 10.
Source:Massey Knakal Building Sales Journal <masseyknakal.com>
PDF Document GNE Sets Tone for Civil Discourse on Rezoning -- 8/20/2004
  An article about zoning issues and controversy surrounding zoning of a Great Neck Estates property.
Source: Great Neck Record <antonnews.com/greatneckrecord>
PDF Document Silk Stocking District Embraces Time-Honored Blue-Collar Tactic -- 2/4/2001
  Tenants went without gas for 74 days, so they went on a rent strike.
Source: New York Times <nytimes.com>
PDF Document DC Slumlord to Sell; Tenants Get Proceeds -- 2/20/2002
  A Washington, DC, slumlord refused to address problems in his buildings, so he spent time behind bars and was forced to sell one of his buildings and donate the proceeds to the tenants association of one of his former properties, plus he was required to live in one of his buildings for six months, sell all of his properties, and he cannot have any ownership stakes in such properties in DC for the rest of his life.
Source: Washington Post
PDF Document Walter and Evan Blum: 14 Second Avenue -- 6/24/2001
  When 14 Second Avenue (at Houston Street) partially collapsed, requiring its demolition, the building's owners, Walter and Evan Blum, were charged with reckless endangerment and filing false documents in connection with renovation work. Walter Blum, an architect, filed false, self-certified plans with the Department of Buildings.
Source: Manhattan District Attorney <manhattanda.org>

Background and Context

Dysfunctional NYC Agencies: DOB and HPD

PDF Document Audit Report on the Effectiveness of the Department of Buildings in Investigating Safety-Related Complaints in a Timely Manner -- 5/26/2004
  The NYC Comptroller's 64-page audit recommends that DOB follow up on open ECB violations, periodically review outstanding violations and take steps to re-inspect or issue court summonses, modify BIS to eliminate duplicated complaints, increase the proportion of inspectors' time spent in the field rather than performing administrative tasks, and remove obsolete procedures from its website and procedural manuals.
Source: NYC Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr.
  Audit of The Department of Housing Preservation and Development's Enforcement of the Housing Maintenance Code -- 6/30/1995
  [EXTERNAL LINK] NYC Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi's audit of HPD revealed, among other things, that 43% of Immediately Hazardous violations still existed an average of one year after they were identified by HPD inspectors, that followup inspections are not done to ensure correction of violations, and that an average of 27% of owner certifications of corrections of violations are false. Note that the Summary of Uncorrected Housing Code Violatons includes several Shalom buildings.
Source: NYC Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi via <Tenant.net>.
PDF Document Follow-up Audit Report on the Enforcement of the Housing Maintenance Code by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development -- 6/27/2002
  The NYC Comptroller's 26-page followup audit of Alan Hevesi's 1995 audit shows that HPD partially implemented about half of the 1995 recommendations.
Source: NYC Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr.
PDF Document Inequitable Enforcement: The Crisis of Housing Code Enforcement in New York City -- 10/28/2003
  The Public Advocate's 31-page report identifies many of the same problems with HPD as the Comptrollers have, but with more detailed recommendations for improvement.
Source: NYC Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum

Housing Crisis

PDF Document A Room_with No View -- 7/3/2005
  Developers are converting commercial and industrial spaces into apartments with "home offices." These "home offices" are windowless rooms that cannot legally be used as residential space. See also the floor plan graphic that accompanied this article.
Source: New York Times <nytimes.com>
PDF Document

Housing_Stock_Chart, Rent_Poor_Chart, and Rent_Poor_Percent_Chart -- 2002 data

  These charts, using data from the 2002 New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey, graphically represent the housing crisis.
Source: New York City Housing and Neighborhood Information System <nychanis.com>
PDF Document Changes to the Rent Stabilized Housing Stock in New York City, 1994-2002 --6/3/2003
  This report notes, among other things, a net estimated loss of 42,976 rent stabilized units from 1994-2002.
Source: Rent Guidelines Board <housingnyc.com>

Why Slumlords?

PDF Document Slumlords: How They Make a Buck -- Dec. 1999
  This e-journal, geared towards individuals in finance, describes common slumlord tactics.
Source: AEGIS <lubrinco.com>
PDF Document Problem Housing and Property Information Networks: Milwaukee Case Study -- Dec. 2002
  This 75-page Master's degree study, while focusing on information networks and housing conditions in Milwaukee, provides some insights into reasons for neglected and abandoned properties and landlords' responses to code violations.
Source: University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee <www.uwm.edu/~cmaene/CMaene_UrbanStudiesMasterPaper.pdf>

Specific Issues

Buyouts and Preferential Rents

PDF Document Landlords Would Be Fined for Harassment under Bill -- 12/7/2007 - 12/13/2007
  This article, about a pending City Council bill that would allow tenants to sue their landlords in court for harassment.
Source:Downtown Express
PDF Document The High Cost of Leaving
  Discusses trends in buyouts offered to rent-regulated tenants.
Source: New York Metro <newyorkmetro.com>
PDF Document An Escape Clause on Preferential Rents -- 8/15/2004
  This article discusses the impact of changes in rent laws which allowed landlords to suddenly revoke rent discounts.
Source: New York Times <nytimes.com>

Charges for New Keys

  Recently the Shaloms have decided to intall new entrance door locks with Mul-T-Lock keys in their buildings. The Shaloms provide only one key and sometimes refuse to provide keys to occupants other than the tenants named on the lease. The keys cannot be duplicated by tenants, and the Shaloms are selling copies at a premium.
PDF Document DHCR Statement Concerning Keys -- 1/25/2001
  This statement from the Department of Housing and Community Renewal takes a firm position that charges for keys must adhere to terms stated in individual leases and previous practice.
Source: DHCR
 PDF Document Queens Supreme Court Decision Concerning Keys - 11/18/2005
This case upholds a DHCR decision that "a tenant is entitled to a duplicate key in addition to a key for each apartment occupant 10 years of age or older, and that the failure to provide such keys constitutes a decrease in essential services."
Source: http://decisions.courts.state.ny.us/fcas/fcas_docs/2005dec/4000167512005100sciv.pdf

Refusal of Rent Payments

PDF Document Tender and Refusal of Rent Overcharges
  Refusal of rent is a standard Shalom tactic. This fact sheet states, "A landlord repeatedly refusing to accept a tenant’s offer of the proper amount of rent owed is not entitled to a judgment of possession or a Marshal’s Notice of Eviction in a nonpayment proceeding." The fact sheet also discusses rent overcharges.
Source: unknown

J-51 Tax Abatements

PDF Document J-51 Guidebook -- April 2004
  HPD's 45-page guidebook provides an overview of the J-51 Tax Exemption/Abatement Program, which gives tax incentives to landlords for building improvements and for establishing rent-stabilized units.
Source: Department of Housing Preservation and Development

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